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Will You Stand For Don Berwick?

The ‘opposing 42‘ who signed (5 refused, with 3 of them women). and now stand against the formal appointment of Donald Berwick, if allowed to prevail, will be a triumph of ‘political correctness’, ‘Tea Party political pandering’, and a material undermining of the ‘mission critical’ stewardship of health(care) delivery system, and financing innovation in the United States.

I for one, i.e., Gregg Masters aka @2healthguru, choose to stand for Don Berwick as permanent Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). Will you join me?

This blog will track and repost articles, blog posts, position papers of interest as context for the many ways in which Donald Berwick, MD, represents a perfect ‘stewardship match’ given the scale and  depth of the transformational imperatives we face as consumers, providers, suppliers, payors, and ‘skin in the game’ stakeholders of the American Health Care Enterprise.

The time is now! The stakes are enormous!


Berwick political saga is a tragic attack on better healthcare

A Partial Re-post from: Meaningful HIT News with Neil Versel

By Neil Versel

President Barack Obama has made plenty of mistakes in his first two-plus years in office, but none may be more serious for the future of America than his decision to install Donald M. Berwick, M.D., as a recess appointment to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in July 2010.

Berwick really is a great choice to head CMS, but the underhanded nature of the recess appointment has provided fodder for all kinds of uninformed ideologues and assorted nut jobs to attack Obama’s healthcare reform efforts. Just as CMS is gearing up to release widely anticipated proposed regulations for Accountable Care Organizations, we get the sad news that that Berwick’s days are numbered.

After refusing to allow Berwick to testify before the Senate last year, Obama renominated Berwick on Jan. 26. Newly empowered Republicans went on the attack. “The White House’s handling of this nomination—failing to respond to repeated requests for information and circumventing the Senate through a recess appointment—has made Dr. Berwick’s confirmation next to impossible,” the widely respected Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said, according to American Medical News.

On March 4, Politico reported that Senate Democrats had given up on the nomination, despite the fact that Berwick had the support of the Medical Group Management Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Public Health Association and, notably, the Republican-leaning American Medical Association and America’s Health Insurance Plans.

How did this happen?

As I wrote last November when Republicans [read Neil’s complete and original article here].